Burglars Beware.

A Mountain Alarm security system is more than just a basic home security system.

Exterior Protection

Home Security Exterior Protection

There is nothing worse than the feeling of your home being invaded. Statistics prove that a home security system is a huge deterrent to burglaries. The exterior of your home is the first line of defense, and our perimeter sensors secure the outside of your home like a fortress.

Interior Protection

Home Security Interior Protection

Keeping intruders out of your home is only the beginning – our advanced interior sensors will add vital layers of security giving you that “peace of mind” feeling inside your home whether you’re home or away.

Life-safety monitoring is the most vital protection

Life & Safety Monitoring

Fire & Smoke Monitoring

Nothing is more devastating than losing a home to the ravages of fire. Our monitored smoke detectors are invaluable protection for your home & family.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon monoxide detectors will alert us to warn you and your family to get to fresh air and even when you’re not home, we’ll alert the authorities to help rescue pets too.

Life & Safety Monitoring is provided as a complimentary service for our home security system clients.  

We believe this important service should come standard with a home security system – and it does with us.

*Life & Safety Monitoring requires purchase of device(s) and installation.

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Summon superheroes at a moment’s notice.

Medical, Police or Fire Response*

Medical Emergency

Medical Response

Calling an ambulance quickly is only a push button away with our medical pendants, or keypad button. When you need assistance, we won’t rest until help arrives.

Police, Panic & Duress

Police Response

In the unfortunate event you are forced to disarm your security system by an intruder, or have a panic situation and can’t call 911, you can summon police response from your keypad or from a variety of remote panic buttons.

Fire Alert

Fire System Response for Residential Clients

Whether you have our monitored smoke detectors or not (you know you should…), we make it easy for you to request help during a fire emergency from your keypad enabling us to get help on the way immediately.

*In addition to our emergency response services, always call 911 immediately for additional assistance

Protect your environment from damage

Water/Flood Detection & Temperature Monitoring

Water/Flood Detection

Home Security Water Sensor

Damage from water or flooding can be minimized by having our water detectors placed in strategic locations in your home. If necessary, you’ll be alerted through our hybrid monitoring system at the first sign of trouble allowing you to take action to pre-empt a major water disaster.

Temperature Monitoring

Home Security Temperature Sensors

Alerts from our temperature sensors warn if temps get too high or too low & will protect practically any sensitive areas or items in your home such as a cooler, freezer, wine cellar – even pipes in your mountain home.