Home Automation. Don’t just make your home smart, make it a genius.

Let us build a home automation system that's right for you

Home automation doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money to get a home that is really smart these days. We have great smart home solutions that keep you safer, more comfortable and give you control of your home that you never thought possible. Take a look at just a few of the home automation solutions we offer – and then call us so we can demonstrate how these new systems can work for you!

Smart Locks. Goodbye Keys, hello ease!

Ever locked yourself out of your house before? Well, those days are gone thanks to home automation. Say hello to your new door lock. Now, you can enter a four-digit code that will unlock your door and disarm your security system all in one step. Need to let someone in the house while away? No problem–just use our smartphone app to unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Pretty cool, huh?

Video Doorbell. Know who’s at the front door.

It’s time you got a new doorbell. Our new video doorbell allows you to get alerts on your smartphone so you can see and talk to someone at your door wherever you are. It even works in full color at night. Need some quiet time? You can even silence the  doorbell that rings in your home and only get alerts on your phone. Feel more safe and secure knowing who’s at your door before you open it.

Home Automation Video Doorbell App

Mobile Garage Door Control. Open Sesame from Anywhere.

Ever been driving to work and wonder if you closed your garage door? If you have home automation, worry no more. Our Garage Door Control allows you to check the status of your door from your smart device, and control it wherever you are. In fact, you can even set the door to close automatically if you forget! How’s that for home automation brilliance?

Smart Lights. Now that’s a bright idea.

Smart lightbulbs give you the ability to control each one remotely & monitor their status. Want to turn on different lights while you are away on vacation to give your house a lived-in look? Go for it. Want to save electricity costs by setting a schedule that turns your house lights off at night? Done. The possibilities are endless and the savings add up!

Smarter Thermostats. More comfort. Less work.

We’ve been fighting against programmable thermostats for years. Those days are over with the new smart thermostat powered by Alarm.com. This smart thermostats use geo-fencing and your smartphone to know when you’ve left the house or when you’re on your way back so it will keep the temperature exactly how you like it. This automatically saves you money – and no more obnoxious programming.