Intrusion Detection

Advanced security systems for business for the business you've worked so hard to build

Exterior Protection

Intrusion detection for your business starts with keeping intruders outside.  Our security systems monitor entry/exit doors, and windows, including sensors to detect breaking glass, shock or forced entry.

Interior Protection

Keep your business safe on the inside with our interior detection sensors including motion, beam and shock detectors designed specially for inside spaces.

Life & Safety Solutions

Create a safer workplace for your employees and customers

Panic Alert

Should an emergency situation arise, you can use our panic devices to discretely alert authorities.  Choose from panic buttons in strategic locations, wireless pendants for individuals, and special keypad buttons.

Medical Alert

In a medical emergency, every second counts. Our medical devices alert us so we can request dispatch of medical professionals to your business location and alert you to emergencies so you can respond quickly.

Asset Protection

Customized solutions for extra protection

Loss Prevention

Protection for individual spaces – display cabinets, safes, prized possessions and anything that requires special monitoring for additional peace of mind.

Restricted Spaces

Monitor specific areas of your business with separated alarm control allowing for individual user access. It’s like having multiple security systems in one simple to use system.

Temperature Sensors

We can monitor temperature variations in rooms or specific equipment helping avoid costly equipment breakdowns or losses of product.

Water Sensors

Security systems do much more for you than ever before! Our water sensors can minimize damage from water & floods.  At the first sign of trouble, you’ll be alerted through our hybrid monitoring system.

Management Tools*

Our security systems for business go further than you ever imagined

Alarm Activity Reports

Receive weekly or monthly reports of all alarm activity on paper or delivered right to your email.

  • Verify & compare payroll records
  • Store copies of security related events
  • Ensure proper business operations


Receive immediate notification of all alarm activity at your business via email or text message

  • Ensure high-security buildings are safe
  • Immediate alarm information delivery
  • Live security event updates

Alarm System Supervision

Receive notification of abnormal alarm activity during or outside of normal business hours

  • Know if your business fails to open or close
  • Restrict access after normal business hours
  • Ensure proper alarm usage by employees

Live Monitoring Access

View your monitoring account information & alarm activity logged by our UL certified monitoring system

  • Individual or group access for multiple locations
  • Download and record alarm activity anytime
  • Request changes to your monitoring account
*Some management tools may require a small additional monthly fee