Home Security Tips For The Holidays

Home Security Tips for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season again! It’s a beautiful time of the year when we send warm wishes to friends, and family…but there are those out there who take advantage of this special season. This year, keep your home safe with our Home Security Tips for the Holidays:

1. Hold Post Office Deliveries  

Contact your local post office and provide them the dates that you will be traveling. They will hold your mail including packages to keep your personal mail safe while you are gone. Today, more and more burglars are looking for more than the easy theft of your possessions, but also your identity too.

2. Stop Newspaper Deliveries  

Piles of the previous days’ newspapers are a sure sign that you’re away enjoying your holiday break. Contact your newspaper and inform them you’d like to temporarily stop your newspaper deliveries. It’s better to not get the news while you’re away than be the news tomorrow!

3. Inform Trusted Neighbors  

If you’re going to be traveling over the holidays, inform your neighbors or your neighborhood watch group to keep an eye on your house and ask them to watch for any packages delivered to your home & if they would be willing to keep them safe for you.

4. Keep Holiday Gifts Hidden  

Everybody loves the sight of beautifully wrapped presents, and while they are beautiful, they are especially tempting for burglars. This year, keep everyone in the dark (including the kiddos) about presents until the very last moment!

5. Inform Client Services  

Make sure you contact us to let us know the dates you’ll be away from home. We can update your call list to a number where you can be reached in the case of an emergency, and if you would like us to call a neighbor or house-sitter on your behalf if something should happen. 

6. Test Your Security System  

Several days before your leave – or anytime during the month (even if you aren’t traveling), make sure to test your home security system to ensure all zones properly function and that our monitoring station receives signals as normal from your system. 

7. Look Like You’re Home  

One of the best ways to safeguard your home is to appear to be home, even when you aren’t. New security systems can now control your home’s lighting to appear that you’re there, or you can use manually set timers to create that “lived-in” look that helps deter burglars.

8. Don’t Update Social Media  

Posting that you’re leaving for the holiday season is a welcome mat to burglars who use social media – and trust us, they use it. Keep the social media posts that reveal you’re away on hold until you return – then post all your photos from your trip! We’d love to see them too

9. Lock Doors & Windows  

This seems like an easy one, but often times locking all doors and windows is overlooked far too often.  In the case of glass doors or windows, you could use our glass-break sensors to detect someone attempting to access your home. You can also put dowels in sliding doors, or sash locks on windows, so the burglar won’t have easy access to your home. 

10. Arm Your Security System  

Let’s not forget the most important tip when you’ve got one of our home security systems! Arm your security system with confidence that we’re on the job looking out for your home. 

If you have questions about your security system, or are interested in adding additional services, please call Client Services at 303-778-7000