Home Automation Trends to Look for This Year

home automation trends

Life is busy. There are sports practices to get to, dinner to make, dry cleaning to pick up and piles of after-hours work waiting at your desk. Know that you’re not alone when it comes to forgetting to shut the garage door or turn off the lights before leaving for yet another hectic day. Thankfully, home automation trends are on the rise, making it easier to keep tabs on your home via your smartphone or PC, whether you’re at work or the sidelines of your child’s basketball game.

This year, make life simpler, safer and more energy efficient with home automation!

Turn off forgotten lights

When your hands are full, it’s easy to duck out the door and not worry about the lights being left on. But later when your energy bill arrives, you might be concerned. Automating your home’s interior and exterior lights is also useful when on vacation. Give your home a lived-in look during the evening by turning a few lights off and on every few hours.

Arm your security system remotely

You rushed out the door in a hurry and forgot to turn on the home alarm system. That’s ok. You can arm or disarm your system with a little help from an app on your smartphone. Some systems will even allow you to tap into the live video feeds at your home so you can also get a visual confirmation that everything is fine.

Warm up the house

If you travel often, it’s smart to keep your home cool to reduce your heating bill. But nobody likes to come home to a chilly house. Use an automation system to crank up the thermostat a few hours before pulling into your driveway to be sure your home is cozy for your arrival.

Unlock a specific door

Did you forget the dog walker would be visiting or is your child locked out of the house? You can easily lock and unlock specific entry points on your home remotely without disturbing the home’s security system.

Verify a closed garage door

It’s early in the morning, you’ve just driven away from your house and for the life you, you can’t remember if the garage door went down when you pushed the button on the automatic door remote. Thankfully you can check in with your home automation system and guarantee you closed the door. Oh, and if you forget to check – the system can automatically close your door after a period of time for the ultimate in automated protection. 

Home Automation Customization

Are you ready to have more control over the electronic features in your home? United Security Systems offers simple home automation systems customized to work seamlessly with your home and lifestyle. Give us a call today at 303-778-7000 to ask any questions or schedule a free in-home consultation.