5 Smart Home Luxuries You Didn’t Know You Could Have

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5 Smart Home Luxuries For Everyone

Smart Home automation has come a long way since programmable coffee makers and light fixtures on timers. As we move forward in 2016, it’s time to make life simpler and more enjoyable for everyone in the home, including your pets. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to connect your home to these amazing luxury smart home automation options.

Check up on Your Pet

Whether you’re gone for a few hours or a vacation, stay personally connected to your furry family members with our remote video cameras. Did you know you can remotely view what your dog is up to or get real-time text updates when your pet sitter arrives to care for your cat? Our systems can also keep tabs on changes in your home environment that may affect your pets, such as the detection of carbon monoxide or if the backyard gate was left open by the dog walker.

Keep Your House Dry

Unless you’ve got an indoor swimming pool, usually water should be limited to the kitchen or the bathroom. Even small water leaks can be devastating and take a long time to fix. Avoid leaks and flooding in your home with our water sensors connected to our home automation water shut off valves. If we detect water where it isn’t supposed to be – such as near a water heater, washing machine or near a important pipe – we’ll not only alert you, but our system can shut off the water to your home limiting the damage. 

Track Your Personal Vehicles

Has your teen just started driving? While giving them the freedom of traveling without a parent in tow, feel more secure about their excursions by monitoring their routes. This home automation option means you can keep track of their progress when they take a road trip with friends, know they’re safe when traveling in inclement weather and ensure they make it to school each day without sending yet another text message to be sure they’ve arrived.

Engage Your Home Locks

With busy work schedules, kids coming and going and friends visiting, it can be tough to remember to lock all the doors in the house at the end of the day. Now, with home automation, you can automatically lock your doors through your security system.  Try setting a scene that will lock all your doors when you arm your security system at night. You’ll never lie in bed again wondering if the back door was left open after you let the dog out for his evening potty break.

Know who’s at the Front Door

Remember the magical feeling you’d get when your first email service provider would ding to let you know you’ve got mail? You can now enjoy that experience someone pushes your doorbell. Coming in Summer of 2016, our video doorbell system will integrate seamlessly into your security system, and send you an alert to your smartphone when someone is at your front door – whether they push the button or not – and allow you to see who they are, and speak to them remotely! 

Are you ready to let a few new trends in technology give you peace of mind? Give United Security Systems a call today at 303-778-7000 for a free consultation. We’re happy to personalize a luxury home automation system that fits your lifestyle perfectly.