16 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure in 2016

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Get a more secure home in 2016 with these 16 simple suggestions.

Be proactive. This year know you’re doing everything you possibly can to keep your home and family safe. Although work, school and daily schedules consume the calendar, it only takes a weekend to overhaul and revisit your home’s security features. Work through this checklist of ways to make your home a more secure home that’s better for everyone.

Check window locks

Are they all engaged, or are some unlocked on windows that get opened regularly during warm weather?

Keep yard gates locked

A simple padlock on your gate keeps any activity, including vandals or dog thieves, out of your personal outdoor space.

Close the garage door

Nobody needs to view your personal property or if your vehicle is home. Consider installing a smart controlled garage door if you frequently forget about your garage door (or if you want to ability to open it remotely!) 

Install a video surveillance system

You can monitor this from a PC or smartphone and always have eyes on your home.

Don’t post travel plans online so strangers know your home is empty

Rave about your vacation or weekend getaway once you get home.

Update pool/shed security

Whatever assets you have in your backyard, child-safe gates, fences and locks around them are must-haves.

Lock all entrances to the home

The fastest way in for a burglar is through an unlocked door. Making sure all doors and windows are locked is the easiest way toward a more secure home. It’s easy to forget to lock patio doors, walk-out basement entries and balcony doors.

Update all detectors

Create peace of mind by installing new monitored fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Monitored detectors protect your home 24/7 with professional response, rather than a single unit that simply alerts but cannot dispatch the authorities in an emergency. Monitored detectors help protect your home & pets when you’re not there! 

Change lock sets

If you loan house keys to relatives or neighbors, and a key has gone missing, invest in new key entries. Another great option is to invest in keyless entry door locks – no more keys to lose and you can control your door locks from a smartphone or tablet! 

Start a neighborhood watch

Create a group on Facebook, create a call tree, or join a free service like Nextdoor so you can keep each other informed of unusual or suspicious activities. 

Check your fire extinguisher

Have the unit evaluated and tested by the local fire department.

Get the chimney cleaned and evaluated

Do you have a chimney cap that’s large enough to keep wildlife and weather out of your home?

Start a buddy system

Team up with a neighbor to pay extra attention to one another’s houses. Alert each other when service providers or unmarked vehicles visit.

Add extra light to your yard

Sidewalk lights, porch fixtures and motion-sensor lights keep your home illuminated & more secure in the evening.

Get a pet

Nobody wants to mess with a house guarded by a barking dog. 

Close the curtains when you’re away

Don’t entice passersby by letting them see your new big screen television or high-tech telescope.

If you want to discover more about making sure you have a secure home with our home security options, please call 303-778-7000 to learn how United Security Systems can customize a package to meet your specific needs. All quotes are complimentary, so there’s nothing to lose. We’ve been helping Colorado homeowners just like you feel cozy and comfortable in their homes for over 50 years.